Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire

Wondering if there’s a Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire version? Unfortunately, Jetpack Joyride can only be enjoyed using iDevices. Halfbrick Studios has not yet released any of their games for Kindle Fire. Additionally, there are no announcements of a Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire release as of the moment.

We don’t want to keep your hopes up, because in the end, the decision is up to the developers. However, if Halfbrick Studios gets multitudes of requests from Kindle Fire owners, then they might create a Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire version. If you want to try convincing the developers about this, you may contact them through their official website. You can also tell your friends who own Kindle Fire to do the same. There’s no harm in trying.

Jetpack Joyride can be installed in an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS iOS 3.1.3 or later. It’s a freemium game. Players can enjoy it for free or choose to purchase additional coins and items to get the other perks of the game. Die hard Jetpack Joyride fans would most likely spend money because of the missions and achievements that need to be completed.

In the mean time, just borrow an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from a friend to enjoy this game. Jetpack Joyride is easy to get because it’s already a free app. Although the sad part is you won’t be able to enjoy the challenges of Jetpack Joyride to the fullest (unless your friend is willing to let you play for very long hours on his or her iDevice).

If the Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire version becomes a reality, you will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • A jetpack adventure that starts with the Machine Gun Jetpack
  • Fly inside the laboratory as you collect coins, vehicles and spin tokens (for extra prizes)
  • Reach as far as you can
  • Different types of obstacles that you need to dodge in order to stay alive and get farther
  • Missions, achievements and badges that add to the game’s replay value
  • Different types of vehicles to collect—explore the functions of each one
  • Different costumes, utilities and upgrades from the game’s store called The Stash
  • Stay tuned for more updates about Jetpack Joyride. We’ll be waiting for announcements from the developers, particularly if they will be releasing a Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire version. Just check this website from time to time. If you have heard information about a Jetpack Joyride Kindle Fire release, tell us about it. Just post your comments below.

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