Jetpack Joyride Reset

Did you know that you can enjoy a Jetpack Joyride reset? This means that you can challenge the game one more time (it’s similar to the New Game + mode in RPGs). Now, you may be wondering when the new challenge will start. The Jetpack Joyride reset will happen once you’ve achieved the Barry rank.

After getting the Barry rank, you will get this message:

“All Missions Complete!

Cash in your level 15 medal and start the fun again! You will receive a shiny, unique token, marking your achievement!”

After the message, there are two options: Later and Cash in. You may choose to continue playing the game without cashing in your level 15 medal. However, we would recommend that you immediately Cash in your level 15 medal so that you can activate the Jetpack Joyride reset and start collecting all the badges.

Are you wondering what the new set of challenges in the Jetpack Joyride reset is? See them below:

  • 1,875 missions to complete
  • 125 badges will be awarded once you complete all of the 1,875 missions
  • Another chance to activate the Jetpack Joyride reset to double your badges. If you’re really addicted to the game, then you can keep on duplicating your badges.

Before activating the Jetpack Joyride reset, you need to go through all of the following levels first:

  • Beginner
  • Learner
  • Rookie
  • Novice
  • Amateur
  • Graduate
  • Skilled
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Hot Shot
  • Expert
  • Wizard
  • Ninja
  • Super Star
  • Barry

These are actually the ranks of Jetpack Joyride. For every rank increase, you will get stars and coins. And to keep on increasing your rank, you need to check your current missions and fulfill each one of them. To know more about the ranks in this game, simply browse our Jetpack Joyride Ranks post.

All the challenges may be extremely hard. So if you want to become good in playing this endless runner and finally activate the Jetpack Joyride reset, check out the tips, tricks and guides found in this website. If you have friends who enjoy the game, but are struggling to complete the missions and achievements, just recommend this site to them.

Do you want to add more information about the Jetpack Joyride reset? Feel free to add them by posting your comments below. Your information will greatly help our fellow Jetpack Joyride players. Questions about Jetpack Joyride reset are also accepted. There will be fellow fans out there who are willing to help you play a better game.

Good luck in activating the Jetpack Joyride Reset! 

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