Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievement

If you really want to know what makes this game worth playing, then, it is the Jetpack Joyride achievements. There are about sixty achievements in Jetpack joyride and depending on your level of game play, each achievement will have its own level of difficulty.

Like all the other Jetpack achievements, the Jetpack Joyride secret achievements are also unlocked and add spice into the already addicting jetpack joyride game.

Since the game is endless in nature, it is difficult to tell when you have actually reached the epic of the game play. However, it will be good if you know something about what happens with the Jetpack Joyride Secret achievements. Here is some information for you:

Types of Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements

There are four basic types of jetpack joyride secret achievements and these are:

1. Jetpack Joyride Pretty Woman secret achievement

This has twenty jetpack joyride game points and will need you to simply buy a set of matching outfit for you to complete it.

2. Jetpack Joyride Tee Hee Two secret achievement

This jetpack joyride achievement has twenty points and is not as difficult as you may think. This is because it simply needs you to collect sixty nine jetpack joyride game coins in a single run.

3. Jetpack Joyride Blinged Out Secret achievement

With this secret achievement, you get thirty jetpack joyride coins and the best way you have to unlock this achievement is through purchasing the golden vehicle upgrade.
How much does the jetpack joyride golden vehicle upgrade cost? If you did not know it, you will need about ten thousand jetpack joyride coins for you to get this upgrade.

4. Jetpack Joyride Dragon Fruit Secret achievement

This is a very interesting Jetpack Joyride secret achievement and will offer you twenty game points. For you to unlock this achievement, you will have to ride on Mr. Cuddles with a fruit jetpack.
How do you do it? First, you have to buy the Fruit Jetpack after which you look for ways of getting Mr. Cuddles.
We will be posting more on secret achievements to talk about as the game gets updated and upgraded by its developers. However, for now, if you feel that there is more that we should tell you about Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements? If there are, then, we will not mind your questions and inquiries. Also, if you have any further explanations about these secret achievements, kindly let us know.

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