Jetpack Joyride Tips

There is no doubt that Jetpack Joyride is and will continue being one of the most dominant games in the app market. Even as you enjoy this game and become addicted to its game play, there are so many jetpack joyride tips that you need to know that will help you in understanding better the jetpack joyride game play. Indeed, those who have mastered playing this game will agree that it is indeed very addictive and captivating.

Here are some of the most important  jetpack joyride tips that are important for the jetpack joyride game play:

Beginning Jetpack Joyride game play

When jetpack joyride begins, you have the machine gun jetpack that scatters away the scientists while providing for you with a room for escape from their labs. When you begin your ride, you must remember that the main objectives in jetpack joyride are:

  • Collecting as many coins as possible as you ride along.
  • Completing missions so that you can earn cash that will help you in the purchase of new gear.
  • Pick up items such as the snazzy outfit and other stocks while enjoying the action.

Best Jetpack Joyride weapon

Have you ever wondered which is the best joyride weapon for the game play? Many people will prefer the different weapons availed for jetpack joyride game play. However, the best weapon for the game play of jetpack joyride is your reflexes. This is because playing the game mainly requires on how fast you can think and make the right moves.

There are many objects that you will have to avoid such as:

  • There are guided missiles along the path
  • There are obstacles on the ground and hanging from the roof that you should avoid by all means.

Playing Jetpack Joyride

The main interest in jetpack joyride lies in the missions that come with every joyride that you will undertake in the game. As such, when you begin your game you are assigned three missions which you will be needed to accomplish. When you complete a mission, a star reward is issued to you. There are many missions in jetpack joyride such as:

  • You can be told to fly for a given amount of distance
  • You can be directed to collect a given amount of coins to complete a mission
  • You can be requested to walk without flying for a given distance.

There are many missions and some of them seem crazy and are difficult to accomplish. However, the missions are what make Jetpack Joyride worth playing. As already stated, when you complete Jetpack Joyride missions, you get a star for each mission completed.

Handling your Jetpack Joyride character

You are the character in the game play and it is your responsibility joyride as far as you can. Many people believe that you can go as far as your skills can allow. It is for this reason that some players have managed to take their characters in jetpack joyride for thirty thousand meters in a single game play! How far can you go?

Here are some basic tips on jetpack joyride characters:

  • Ensure that your character avoids the obstacles that may lead to his death
  • Ensure that you are able to make your character collect tokens as you ride along. These tokens will provide you with bonuses in distances, coins and in many other areas once you die.

There are many more jetpack joyride tips that are yet to be documented and should you know any tips for jetpack joyride that you wish to share with the players of this game, post them here and let the fans of this game know. More to this, don’t forget to come back now and again for more updates on the jetpack joyride game.

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