Try Bombastic Brothers, the new 2D arcade retro platform game for iOS

An army of aliens declare war on Earth and kidnap the dog of our protagonist, Jeff, who will have to form a combat squadron, the Bombastic Brothers, to defeat them and save his pet. That’s the plot of Bombastic Brothers: Shoot!, a platform and retro action game now available for iOS devices around the world.

Although it’s just arrived at the App Store, it already has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 and very positive reviews thanks, in part, to its crazy characters and large doses of action. We’ve already tried it, here’s what we thought.

Inspired by the games of the 80s

Developed by Fast Forward Studio and distributed by, this 2D platform title is rated for over 12 years for its violent content and irreverent humor. The goal, according to its creators, was to resurrect the genre run’n gun on mobile phones retaining the soul of the title with the retro style, inspired by the 80’s, and 2D action. And yes, they have!

The game begins with a short video in which we see how aliens kidnap Jeff’s dog, our protagonist, and a quick tutorial where we explain the basic controls (advance, jump and shoot). From there, our goal is to complete missions – killing aliens – and advance through the different and colorful levels while we get rewards to unlock new weapons and characters.

In addition, we will gradually build in their bases a large spacecraft where we can customize our arsenal and bring together our team, the Bombastic Brothers, a semi-gal group consisting of agents and soldiers. Precisely the possibility of creating (and buying) dozens of weapons and choosing between nine different heroes (like Dr. Zane and his gadgets or the ninja Jade Yang) is one of the great attractions of this title.

Apart from the Campaign (or Story) mode with two difficulties, the game has different modes available, such as the PVP arena, where it is possible to compete against players from all over the world, or the Bunker mode, where we will have to face an infinite number of enemies.

All in all, this is a title that has the ingredients necessary to engage both veteran players of the genre and those approaching it for the first time. And watch out, with no announcements, which is very much appreciated.

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